(Czech Republic)
Krnov, Czechia

© Jürgen Sauer

"We enter Czechia at Krnov, whose Neo-Renaissance Town Hall, with clock-tower peak decorated in a pink-maroon-white-and-sky-blue pattern of diamonds, crosses, and tipi-like shapes that might be expected on a Navajo rug, dominates the town’s central square. The city is quiet on this late Saturday morning, evidence perhaps that it is still early in a country where toasts to Radegast are not infrequently cherished on Friday nights. This Slavic god of hospitality—who may be a late invention but certainly is a favorite of Neopagans today —supposedly loves to party himself, and is honored with his own brewery and even a mountain here in Czech Silesia."

— page 178, Into the Carpathians, Part 2, © Alan E. Sparks.